Services For all Sized Trucks

Winch sales and service / truck accessories

Gin pole truck design, gin pole truck beds, for the oilfield or private use.

Winch repairs and service for mechanical winches or hydraulic winches with OEM parts.

Extensive truck rigging for all purposes.

Oilfield winch truck bed builders, and winch repairs are our specialty at WMI.

Whether it’s a vacuum truck, winch truck, water truck that needs to be rigged on a new truck.

Or repair the equipment you currently operate. WMI is here to do just that.

WMI also builds and maintains equipment for the service side of the oilfield as well.

Frac Tank Equipment, Kill trucks, Transport Equipment, vacuum pumps. We are fully capable of handling your repair and new build requirements.

Services Included

Services including 3-D computerized rendering.

Comprehensive rigging and welding, automatic sawing, and pattern torch cutting, and machine work.

We offer our services for both the private and commercial sectors.

Custom truck bodies and accessories for heavy-duty transportation equipment.

Also we offer customization products for many types of vehicles such as toolboxes, Led lighting, back up cameras, etc.

When a family owned business or a large corporation is looking for professional treatment.

WMI is the best shop to turn to.

We have and always will continue to fulfill every customer’s strictest demands and requirements.

We custom build to fit your application.