Fruitland Vacuum Pumps

Fruitland vacuum pumps are the workhorse of the pump industry,

With a long standing history as being known for reliability and performance.

WMI installs and maintains Fruitland pumps for all types of industries.

Models from 180 – 650 CFM

The Eliminator Series is our most popular series for quick installs.

Features of the “Ready 2 Rig” Eliminator Series:

  • RCF870 , RCF500 , RCF370 or RCF250 Vacuum Pump
  • Moisture Trap
  • Includes Filter and Four-Way Valve
  • Pressure and Vacuum Relief
  • Optional Mounting Brackets
  • 2-Year Factory Warranty Available with RCF870, RCF500, RCF250 or RCF370 Pump Valves
  • Optional Drive Configurations
  • Drain Valves
  • Powder Coated Components
  • Reduced Labor and Engineering Costs
  • High-Efficiency Oil Catch Muffler
  • Various Rig-up Options
  • Minimal Design Footprint
fruitland Eliminator eliminator series vacuum pump